Welcome to the Middletown Youth Lacrosse website. We are a youth sports organization and are very excited to bring the "fastest sport on two feet" to the youths in Middletown Connecticut.

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This page is designed to help new and existing parents get grounded on lacrosse and our parent expectation for practices and games. We like to be as transparent as possible.
  • During the season; please have your players on time, dressed in their equipment and ready to go 10 minutes prior to practice starting. This will ensure we make the most of our time. Also ensure your player has gone to the bathroom prior to practice.
  • Please ensure your player has water for every practice. There aren’t any water fountains at the fields.
  • If your player will be late or will miss at practice please contact your coach or the team manager know; our coaching staff run practices and game plans based on who will be at events. It is critical you communicate with your coaches if you will not be attending a game or practice.
  • If you will not be staying for practice, please ensure that one of your coaches is aware or let the Team Mom you are reachable if something happens to your player. Additionally, please arrive 10 minutes before practice is over. 
  • Please do what you can to volunteer when needed. The team manager will have a sign-up sheet during practice and will send reminders prior to the games. Volunteers are:
    • Orange Slices/Water for game days for half time
    • Score-keeper for home game(s)
    • Time keeper for home games?
  • Our games are played on various days and times. Please have your players at the field at least 45 minutes prior to the game so that they can warm up. Directions will be posted on the website as well as sent out prior to the each game. 
  • Live by S.A.G.E. Set a Good Example. We must be an example for our players and respect everyone. This means no bad mouthing, players, parents, referees or coaches. Everyone is volunteering their time and energy into your player. 
Please give your team manager & head coach your cell phone numbers, and advise if you can accept text messages. This will enable us to give some last minute instructions or updates should we need to do so (i.e. practice canceled due to weather).
MYL in addition to your coach and team manager will send general information out that is applicable to the entire organization. We like to keep you informed of upcoming events, comings and goings, information as it applies to the league.
Our fields are managed by Middletown Parks & Recreation. They will notify us by 3:30 if our practices will be canceled due to inclement weather. We will also be able to send out a mass text/email notifying you of the field cancelations.
Please note, we do play in the rain do not assume that games are canceled unless you have received a communication stating so. We travel to other towns to play games; and often with the spring weather, it may be raining in Middletown; but have clear skies where we may be scheduled to play away.
Volunteer Opportunities:
The MYL program is run by volunteers: coaching, board members. There are opportunities for you as well to contribute. This could be as simple as bringing water/oranges to a game; managing the clock during a game; bringing a player to and from practice if need be.
We will have events throughout the year where we have the need to have committees to help run these events. Such examples are:
  • Lacrosse Day
  • End of Season Picnic?
As always, we welcome feedback, without it we cannot learn from our mistakes and/or keep the positive items moving forward.   

US Lacrosse has some great information on the rules of the game for both boys and girls. Below are a few direct links:
Girls Rules
Boys Rules 
The most important thing is our players have fun!